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Industry new

Ultrasonic Welding

Plastic welding

1.Welding method: ultrasonic vibration along with the welding head transmits the ultrasonic wave to the weldment. Due to the large sound resistance at the two weldments, local high temperature is generated, which melts the interface of the weldment. Under a certain pressure, the two weldments can achieve beautiful, fast and solid welding effect.

2. Embedding method: the nut or other metal is to be inserted into the plastic workpiece. First, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the metal, and the metal is directly embedded in the plastic by high-speed vibration. At the same time, the plastic is melted, and the embedding is completed after curing.

3. Riveting method: if you want to join metal and plastic or two pieces of plastic with different properties, you can use ultrasonic riveting method to make the weldment less brittle, beautiful and firm.

4. Spot welding method: two large plastic products are spot welded with small welding heads, or the whole row of toothed welding heads are directly pressed on two plastic workpieces, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.

5. Molding method: the plastic workpiece is instantly melted and molded by ultrasonic wave. When the plastic solidifies, it can make the plastic of metal or other materials firm.

6. Cutting method: using the special design of welding head and base, when the plastic workpiece is just ejected, it is directly pressed on the plastic branch, and the cutting effect is achieved through ultrasonic conduction.

Metal welding

According to the international usage, ultrasonic metal welding has four series: spot welding, roll welding, sealing and cutting, wire harness, which are widely used in automobile, refrigeration, solar energy, battery, electronics and other fields.

Applicable products of ultrasonic metal welding:

A. Multi layer positive and negative electrode welding of power battery; nickel mesh and nickel sheet welding of Ni MH battery.

B. For lithium battery and polymer battery, copper foil is welded with nickel sheet; aluminum foil is welded with aluminum sheet; aluminum sheet is welded with nickel sheet.

C. Automobile wiring harness; wire head molding; wire welding; multiple wires welding into a knot; copper, aluminum wire conversion.

D. Wires and cables are welded with famous electronic components, contacts, connectors and terminals.

E. Solar cells, flat solar heat absorbing plate, aluminum plastic composite pipe roll welding, copper and aluminum plate splicing.

F. Welding of high current contacts, contacts and dissimilar metal sheets such as electromagnetic switch and non fuse switch.

G. Copper tube sealing in refrigerator, air conditioner and other industries; copper and aluminum tube sealing in vacuum devices can be water and air tight.

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