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High Speed Emulsifying Machine

Advantages Of High Speed Emulsifying Machine

Advantages of high speed emulsifying machine:

1. Large processing capacity, suitable for industrial online continuous production

2. The particle size distribution range is narrow and the dispersion effect is good

3. Time saving, efficient and energy saving

4. Low noise and stable operation

5. Eliminate the quality difference between batches

6. There is no dead angle, and the material is 100% sheared by dispersion

7. Water circulation mechanical seal, good sealing efficiency;

8. The material contact surface is 316L stainless steel, polished to GMP standard;

9. Short distance and low lift transportation function

10. Easy to use and maintain.

Working principle and characteristics of emulsifying machine

① it has very high shear speed and shear force, and the particle size is about 0.2-2 μ m, which can ensure the stability of high-speed dispersion emulsification. The final oil-water products of  can exist for a long time, stable and non stratified.

② the equipment can be applied to various kinds of dispersion and emulsification processes, and can also be used to produce homogeneous mixing of emulsion, suspension and colloid.

③ the shear force produced by the stator and rotor system of the three-stage emulsification machine increases the solute transfer speed, thus accelerating the decomposition of single molecule and macro molecular medium. The combination of three working heads can fully refine the fruit particles.

The factors influencing the results of dispersion and emulsification are as follows

1. Form of emulsion head (batch type and continuous type) (continuous type is better than batch type)

2. Shear rate of emulsion head (the greater the shear rate, the better the effect)

3. The tooth structure of the emulsion head (divided into primary teeth, middle teeth, fine teeth, ultra-fine teeth, and the effect of approximate fine teeth is better)

4. Residence time and emulsion dispersion time of materials in the dispersion wall (can be regarded as the same motor, the smaller the flow, the better the effect)

5. Number of cycles (the more, the better the effect, it can't be better until the equipment deadline)



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