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Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Ultrasonic sewing machine and ultrasonic sewing machine are widely used in seamless garment industry. The fusion between two fabrics will use ultrasonic sewing machine. The ultrasonic sewing machine has a popular sewing machine platform, which can be operated skillfully without special training. It just operates like the existing sewing machine. Ultrasonic sewing machine will cut fabric with sealer. When the cutting and sealing operation is re opened, the connecting line of the fabric board will be almost invisible, and the seam will not be thicker than the fabric itself.

Basic configuration:

1.New intelligent ultrasonic generator

2. Top mounted ultrasonic energy converter

3. Pneumatic welding head lifting system

4. Rolling die adjusting mechanism and integral system

5. Special frame design, with a variety of practical functions

6. Single circuit motor speed control system

Features of the machine:

1.It is suitable for needle free stitching of chemical fiber cloth, non-woven fabric and hot melt fabric, instead of sewing or downward welding, with continuous and infinite welding function,welding firm, beautiful, high efficiency;

2. Specially designed multi-functional frame system, with linear sewing, turning sewing, rotary sewing and cylindrical lap and other purposes.



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